Rescue and Survive

  I wouldn’t have done that if I had known it would become such a mess.

  But how could I have known that? How can I deal with it after that? Where on earth can I find anyone to share the sadness and chaos with me?

  I ever felt the pride when I was drowned in the illusioned greatness at the time I thought of rescuing you from that endless circle. But I failed. Not only did I failed in rescuing you, but I also failed in surviving myself.

  When it comes to heartbeat, it always turns out to be heartbreak.

  The paradox of this world is, when you feel and appear indifferent, you are always cared about. Those who always can’t help pouring concern when faced with someone they care about are always hurt most deeply. Thoe one who always is the winner is the one who is the most indifferent.

  Whenever you lose your heart, it is the time you loss your love.

  Be indifferent.


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